Deep Memory Process October 21st to 26th 2018

Deep Memory Process training UK with Juanita Puddifoot - 5 day module 3 from October 21st to 26th 2018  

Arriving from 2 pm  0n sunday 21st till friday 26th at 1 pm. Early bird available otherwise £325 (not including accommodation)

DMP is a therapeutic method to explore life’s issues and difficulties that are negativity effecting your life today. These influences may come from your current childhood and adulthood or any of the following soul wounds –

  • Spiritual realm – as a spirit deciding to enter physical realm
  • Womb and birth – the vibrational influence from the mother
  • Generational or ancestor residues
  • Past lives (belief is not necessary can be used as a story framework for unconscious mind)
  • Other people’s projections from friends, family, work colleagues etc
  • Spirit attachments (influences that do not belong to you)

To explore more about DMP please click here  - What is DMP?      About Roger Woolger,   Full DMP Certification

To discuss the training or any other related issues to DMP please contact Juanita Puddifoot
Tel – 01234 350313  M – 07455269891  or email

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The Module is for anyone:
Looking for a professional course to become a therapy practitioner
Already a professional therapist and wish to enhance your skills and knowledge
Looking for a personal development course for self growth and transformation
Interested in DMP and would like to experience the process

DMP focuses on identifying the causes of the negative influences then works on transforming these, releasing any thoughts, emotions, physical residues including healing and integration. Including working with traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

  • Working directly with the body
  • understanding the correct use of touch and props
  • Inductions into past life memories via the body
  • understanding chronic physical patterns held at death
  • giving the various parts of the body have a voice and tell its story
  • Techniques to ‘unfreeze’ life force energy and help the stuck emotions, thoughts and physical residues be released
  • Working with the physical Body or postural image
  • understanding the connection to the wounds held in the etheric body
  • places of stored emotion in the body; strategies for release of body patterns using props and psycho-dramatic techniques


Photograph of juanita puddifoot International Deep Memory Process DMP trainer

International Transpersonal lecturer, therapist and DMP Trainer 

Juanita provides transpersonal transformational work, 1 to 1 consultations, courses for self-development and to enhance therapists skills or professional training programmes to become a practitioner. She is invited to provide lectures and tailor made trainings for groups and organisations internationally.

An important stage on Juanita’s journey was working with the late author and grail seeker Dr Roger Woolger PhD (creator of Deep Memory Process, past life regression therapy) in Britain, France, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. She is now a Trainer of DMP and is a member of the Woogler Training International professional council that oversees his work and continues his legacy worldwide. (for more information about Juanita


The DMP Module 3 training is a 5 day residential at a wonderful supportive and lovely venue called Purley Chase Centre Warwickshire.

Early bird payment if paid in one payment of £325  by August 21st 2018 after this date £365 . if you wish to pay the £365 then to secure a place you can pay a non-refundable £150 to reserve a place and pay the remaining just before course.

(this payment is for tuition part only, accommodation is extra see below)  


Arrival from 2 pm on first day, a gathering for a meeting either before or after supper (this is essential) and last day finish teaching at 1 pm .

Daily times:

Usually 9.30 am to lunch 1 to 2.30/3pm then work till 6.30 pm work again from 7.30 to 8.30/9 pm depending on group.

All modules are 5 day residential retreats. Apart from the first and last day, we start 9.30 till 6 pm dinner then training continues afterwards from 7.30 until 8.30 at night depending on work requirements and stage of process.

Accommodation is extra Venue is: 

Purley Chase Centre, Purley Chase Lane, Mancetter, Atherstone, CV9 2RQ           www.            Telephone: 01827 712370


accommodation includes 5 nights, and 3 meals a day –  single ensuite £ 295 ( £59 per day)   shared facilities £ 245 (£49 per day)

Travelling :

see website


Travel from London Euston to Atherstone, which is the nearest station, You will need to prebook a taxi as the station is very small or walk a short distance into the town to find one.


the nearest airport is Birmingham then a train journey about 20 mins to Nuneaton and then a taxi for about 10 miles. Alternatively you can fly to London Heathrow or Gatwick and catch a train to London Euston then a train to Atherstone a small station near the centre and then a pre-booked taxi to the centre.


see venue website for directions

Cancellation policy:

If the course has to be cancelled then monies will be returned. Otherwise  the deposit and remaining fees are non-refundable. We strongly recommend individuals take out Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances eg. flights, course, accommodation, travel etc.