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DMP International Training  Schedules, Programmes & Translations

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United Kingdom Trainings listed below
Heal Your Soul Wounds from Past Lives Feb 17 & 18 2018 Warwickshire UK

Join Juantia on a Spiritual Retreat in a loving environment. This is an experiential weekend to delve within your inner self, identify the roots of your Soul Wounds and work on transforming them using Deep Memory Process DMP techniques. We will explore the residues from Past Lives, identify the hidden complexes, the core residues that are creating your issues that are limiting your life and explore ways to transform these. Cost for tuition  £120  with a deposit to secure place of £75 and remainder of £45 paid on weekend. Or Early bird price available of £100 if paid in full before Feb 1st ) places limited  (accommodation is extra, see page)

Past Life Soul wounds can influence your life in various ways such as :

  • Poverty past life residues recreates a theme of lack and financial issues
  • Famine past life residues can manifest as a eating difficulties
  • Guilt from a past life can create a lack of flow in your life today, feeling undeserving  ...... and more
 Release Past Influences 24 & 25 March 2018 Clophill UK

Ancestral, Spirit attachments, family patterns and energies from others.

Some of the issues we carry in life are amplified and made worse by energetic residues that do not belong to us but in fact belong to:- our ancestors,  spirit attachments or energies from others that you have absorbed. £120 booking deposit £70 (early bird available) Places limited

Are you living your life or someone else’s ?  

Do you notice repeating patterns that hold you back ? Do you have health issues that your ancestors had ?

Do you feel something or some energy is with you (possible spirit attachment) ?

Over the weekend we will be delving into some of the influences from the past that are effecting your life today, identifying where in our energy fields these are, connecting with the spirit realm and universal force of resources, journeying for guidance, understanding the importance of offerings and honouring, with a focus on exploring how to release and transform these residues.......... 

logoDeep Memory Process Professional Training UK April 2018 arriving Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th , please complete contact form to receive more details !

The next Module of Deep Memory Process professional training in the United Kingdom. Training is open to any one wishing:     to become a DMP graduate  or professionals wishing to add to their skills and knowledge  or for Self development

Module 2–  Working with Spirit and the Death Transition in the Afterlife (Bardos)

Expanding your sensing abilities workshop – understanding Energy fields, the importance of sacred space & protection

May 5 & 6  at Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire UK  Cost for weekend  £120  with a deposit to secure place of £75 and remainder of £45 paid on weekend. Or Early bird price available of £100 if paid in full before march 29th ) places limited

We will be establishing your ‘base line’  then we will be using various exercises to expand and enhance your abilities to ‘sense’ energies. Are you affected or feel drained working with ill, difficult or negative people?  Are you sensitive to atmospheres and energies? Do you feel uncomfortable in certain buildings or places ?   Do you sense to much and find it difficult to find your own focus ?

For further information, to book and to discuss the workshop : Juanita Puddifoot  tel 01234 350313  email