DMP Pracititioners


Woolger Training International offer two levels of certification for our practitioners. When choosing a practitioner from our list please note their level of training and if a web site is listed for that person please visit it. We encourage our practitioners to be open to discuss your needs and help you decide if their level of work and experience is appropriate for what you are seeking.

Basic Past Life Therapy ( BPLT) – Practitioners have completed two modules of training (1 year) and case study, practice session and supervision requirements that affords them with a proficiency in guiding clients into and through a past life experience and working thru mental/emotional and some body residues in the after-life ( Bardo States). A Basic Past Life Therapy session is ideal for clients who want to explore repeating themes, phobias, patterns, fears or stuck places in their current life that might have a past life component. It is not necessary for the client to know ahead of time if the problem is caused by a past life or not, that is what will be discerned in the session.  

 Deep Memory Process® Practitioner (DMP)   Practitioners have completed Basic Past Life Therapy and a further 2 modules of training ( 2 years in all) along with all case study, practice session and supervision requirements. Completing 4 modules enables the DMP practitioners to work with dissociation, Soul Fragmentation and Soul Loss caused by present and past life traumas. They can also work thru simple and complex residues held in all levels mental/emotional and in the physical body. Including working with current life traumas, such as abuse, emotional losses, symptoms of PTSD, dissociative tendencies and mental/emotional complexes such as depression, anxiety etc.

Note: Certification from Woolger Training International does not imply that a person is a Certified or Licensed Mental Health or Medical Professional although many of our practitioners do have such qualifications. To see the other certifications or modalities  use please visit their personal web sites.