Ancestor & Spirit attachment

Ancestor and Spirit Attachment - called Spirit Release

Most non-western cultures have rituals and practices to facilitate the safe passage of departing spirits to the other side after death to ensure that they literally do not hang around the living, draining energy and invisibly influencing us. Celtic wakes for example, and the Tibetan book of the Dead were both designed for this purpose, and to protect the psychic health of the community.

For the most part, however, our culture has few such practices for releasing the dead, with the result that many of our energy problems, obsessive issues and persistent complexes often turn out to be old or ancestral spirits energies trying in vain to speak or act through us to resolve unfinished issues not of our, but their making.
Ancestral spirits including  non-human energies can linger in family lines for many generations, and will continue to do so until they are assisted in resolving their issues. Modern psychology recognizes that family patterning of issues such as addiction, incest, abuse and other psychological complexes can be passed down from generations past and linger in family lines even if the current parents did not have these issues. It has been shown in studies that sometimes issues skip generations; the most common explanation for this is that it is ‘genetic’. The ‘shamanic’ understandings of this is, the spirits of the generations past need healing and are still affecting the living. Working with the Ancestors directly affects the current generations, so that they can live unfettered from these unresolved issues.
In Spirit Release Workshops you will learn:

Ways to recognize attachments

  • Regression techniques to tune into your own ancestral memory banks
  • How to scan your subtle body for signs of attachments - human, non-human etc
  • How to talk to unhappy spirits
  • How to help the spirits resolve their unfinished business
  • How to bring the higher spiritual resources into help the unhappy spirits
  • How to send them lovingly to their home, ancestral home or the multi directional light
  • How to protect yourself, your space, and how to seal your own energy field
  • Understand the links and connections to you and your family

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