DMP Training Modules

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Deep Memory Process DMP Modules

Roger Woolger PhD. created Deep Memory Process DMP® he was also an inspirational teacher, ground-breaking therapist, traveller and Grail-seeker. He is considered to be one of the leading pioneers in the field of Regression Therapy worldwide. He was a Jungian analyst, an author of Other Lives, Other selves’ ‘Healing your past lives’ ‘ Eternal Return’ ‘Goddess within’ and numerous other articles.

His international program has been attracting therapists and healers from all over the world for over 30 years. This training provides not only advanced skills in regression work but also a comprehensive psycho/spiritual understanding of the dynamics of the human psyche, how trauma affects the psyche and how to facilitate resolution to long standing issues. More than just a technique, DMP® addresses core soul wounds and facilitates soul retrieval beyond the current life and integration of these lost parts. Deep Memory Process® has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and changed the way many others perform therapy and healing with their clients. DMP transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously and the results for clients can be profound.

Admission requirements

Trainings are open to individuals with an interest in regression therapy and practitioners in the healing professions, the following list is not exclusive but includes :

Health professionals, GPs, care workers, Psychotherapists, Psychologists / Psychiatrists, Hypnotherapists, Regression TherapistsPsychosynthesis, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Psychodrama, Rebirthing, Breath work, past life therapy, nurses and complementary health professionals. Energy healers, Holistic therapists, shamanism, Reiki, medicine, and nursing, as well as for spiritual counsellors & trainers, massage practitioners, body workers.

Training in Deep Memory Process DMP®

Is divided into four modules, with other requirements in-between each module see below.

Each Module is usually 5 consecutive days  The first two modules offer a certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy, with full certification in Deep Memory Process offered after completion of all four modules, case studies and other requirements.

The four training modules are designed to be taken in two stages: two basic modules: levels 1 & 2, followed by two advanced modules: levels 3 & 4. Each training module contains lecture, discussion, demonstration and group processing. The trainings are designed to be highly self-experiential and personally transformative, held preferably in a retreat format , so that participants are able to deeply immerse themselves in the process. Depending on the various factors, usually with supervision we aim for you to guide and receive swop sessions in each training.

Other requirements

Apart from the 4 modules to become a certified DMP practitioner there are other requirements to complete - such as swop sessions within the training group, personal DMP sessions, supervision for written work, supervision when working with students and clients, facilitated days or weekends all of which are extra cost and are not included in the modules. Costs of these vary so discussion with the trainer is necessary. (see bottom of page for web page link for more details)  CERTIFICATION REQUIRMENTS

  • Woolger training ethical guidelines
  • Record taking, session permissions
  • confidentiality & legal awareness
  • professional reviews and development
  • Supervision for case studies and client sessions
  • Developmental history of Deep Memory Process
  • Common themes and associated phrases
  • Regression as active embodiment (psychodrama);
  • concept of ‘unfinished business’ at physical, emotional and mental levels.
  • Mapping of the eternal return of the soul
  • Contra-indications for DMP
  • Preparing clients for sessions, their expectations and their after care
  • Interviewing and clarifying the clients presenting issue
  • Identifying and selecting which charged key phrases to use
  • Past life inductions
  • Structuring of a DMP session
  • importance of tone of voice, pace, methods of direction
  • how to guide a past life story;
  • working in the “now” of the story,
  • observing body cues and energy movements,
  • working in the after-life states (Tibetan Bardos)
  • understanding about previous life fragmentation
  • using and working with resistance and blocks;
  • importance of dramatic tension and catharsis;
  • Use of breath
  • symbolic resonance;
  • Client integration and reflection practice
  • Working directly with the body
  • understanding the correct use of touch and props
  • Inductions into past life memories via the body
  • understanding chronic physical patterns held at death
  • giving the various parts of the body have a voice and tell its story
  • Techniques to ‘unfreeze’ life force energy and help the stuck emotions, thoughts and physical residues be released
  • Working with the physical Body or postural image
  • understanding the connection to the wounds held in the etheric body
  • places of stored emotion in the body; strategies for release of body patterns using props and psycho-dramatic techniques
  • Working with the past life death stages and the transition of the spirit into the interlife or ‘Bardo’ realms.
  • working with the spiritual resources - higher realms of guides, healers, teachers,  ancestors and power animals
  • how imprints are linked on the physical, emotional and mental levels.
  • transform any unfinished business the past life character (plc) carries
  • ways to enable plc life review;
  • Identify previous life connections with family and friends
  • Importance of reconciliation with love ones in the bardo realm
  • Enabling dialogue and mediation with all characters in past life story
  • Working with all characters including the perpetrators
  • Ways to help the plc let go and the differing aspects of forgiveness;
  • working with the spiritual teachers to provide meaning and purpose to the plc life
  • understand the various levels of Bardo reality and how to work with each;
  • introductions to the different issues of spirit release,
  • attachments of loved ones through to the darker residues’
  • working with collective residues
  • ways to release groups of spirits from past life stories
  • integration of soul-fragments,
  • learn to identify ‘false or fantasy lives’
  • introductions to the different issues of spirit release, attachments of loved ones through to the darker residues’
  • importance of reframing certain aspects of past lives in the bardo review
  • Influences and mirroring in the clients life of the theme in the past life
  • Memory and the body; recognizing clinical “shock”;
  • post traumatic dynamics PTSD; dissociative states,
  • soul loss and fragmentation; trauma release and catharsis;
  • reactions to sexual and physical abuse, chronic pain, torture and horror;
  • collective traumas including unconscious bleed-throughs from “past lives” and wounded “spirit” attachments;
  • patterns of defence, avoidance, resistance, denial and chronic shut-down;
  • healing strategies; ‘surplus reality’ and mini- bardo states for healing and release;
  • dialoguing with the body; working with breath and the body.
  • How to apply DMP techniques for clients ‘current life issues’ dealing with present day residues of trauma and how to enable release and healing.

Advance Modules

Following the first 4 modules there are Advance Modules focused on specific topics please contact the countries particular training for details - such as - Ancestors, Spirit attachments, Womb & birth, transition in between lives, Binding contracts, War, Future lives and more .......

For other requirements to the Deep Memory Process DMP Training
such as practice swops, personal sessions, client supervision, written case studies etc please  click  hereread