DMP Official Trainers

The Woolger Council & Official International Chief Trainers

The aim of the Woolger Council (members details below) is to preserve Roger Woolger's legacy, for its value to the world and the area of Transpersonal therapy. Focusing on the future to enable Roger's work including Deep Memory Process DMP®and Ancestral Field Work to continue, grow and flourish. Following Roger's vision for the future, there is an overseeing council of ‘International Chief Trainers’ who follow his guidelines for his work to continue under one umbrella  'Woolger Training International'. This is to ensure the health and quality of ongoing training's, ensure all graduates and official trainers work according to the guidelines and ethics of Woolger Training International. Each regional trainer oversees all training in their areas and may have other assistants and trainers to support their programmes, for information on other authorised trainers please contact the main International trainers listed below.

To invite an official trainer to provide a talk, workshop or training programme

If you would like to invite a official trainer to be part of your event, to introduce Deep Memory Process DMP®, to provide a lecture presentation, a workshop or training programme please contact the specific regional trainer list below for your county.

Copyrights & Internationally Registered 

Roger Woolger’s material is under international copyright law, including the term Deep Memory Process DMP® and training materials are registered internationally and owned by the council. For all enquiries about permission for reproduction of any written, video or audio material please contact the Woolger Council via the contact page.

UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Baltic
Juanita Puddifoot
tel (44) (0)1234 350313
USA, Canada, Asia, Far East
Patricia Walsh
tel 001-845-255-0515
Brasil, Latin America
Marco Andre Schwarzstein
(55) 61-9975-5969