Goddess Within

GODDESS:  A Quest for our Times

 For I am the first and the last.

I am the honoured one and the scorned one.

I am the whore and the holy one.

I am the wife and the virgin...

I am the barren one,

and many are her sons......

I am the silence that is incomprehensible....

I am the utterance of my name.

Nag Hammadi Texts:  "Thunder, Perfect Mind"

"All Pilgrimages are Journeys into the Body of the Great Mother"

Ajit Mookerjee

One of the most iconic popular personalities of our times, has chosen, surprisingly, to be known as "Madonna". Our deep need for manifestations of many aspects & presence of the Goddess in her many forms can also be detected in the popular cults surrounding such figures as Princess Diana, Mother Teresa and Marilyn Monroe, whether they be the whore/holy one, the honoured/scorned one, or the wife/virgin.

In ancient societies where the matriarchal held sway, it has been noted that the distinction between sacred and profane appears seamless.  People, culture and landscape appear woven into a spiritual union, an extension perhaps of the "mystical marriage",  a union whose narrative centred on the myths and legends of the Goddess.

Throughout his teaching Roger Woolger was dedicated to furthering a deep understanding of the feminine face of God, not only in his personal journey but for his many fellow-pilgrims.  Both as Grail-Seeker, mystic and medieavalist, and through his essential pilgrim nature he opened for many others new pathways to old truths, and to new visions and understanding.

In his quest for the Goddess, in the old lands of France and elsewhere, he sought the meaning of the sacred matriarchal narrative from times long ago, through local myths, legends and iconograpy. Through his powerful cross-cultural understanding of her many manifestations (Mary Magdalene, Sophia, The Black Madonnas, Isis, Cybele, the Shekinah, to name but a few), he was able to help us build a new vision of the Goddess for our times.

Roger had a clear understanding of the power and also the benefits which contemplation of Goddess icons can bestow.  We continue to offer these and wish you well in your own Quest.