Comments & complaints

If you have any comments you would like to make to the Woolger Training International team

please do contact us via the contact form page

If you have a complaint please read the following guidelines of Woolger Training International.

This section is from the Woolger Training International Ethical Framework

  1. Complaint Checklist

8a. In the first instance please try to discuss the complaint you have, directly with the person in question, eg. Client dissatisfied with a DMP practitioner, DMP student with another student/trainer/graduate.

8b. If contacting the individual/graduate does not resolve the issue then please send in a written complaint to the person in question. Then if this does not resolve the matter please contact your local Woolger authorized trainer. If you have a complaint against a local authrozied trainer please contact in writing the Woolger Council. The Woolger Council will endeavor to respond to acknowledge receiving the complaint as swiftly as possible.

8c.. Name the person against whom the complaint is lodged and is the person you are complaining about a student/ graduate or trainer member of Woolger Training International

8d.. Give details of how you have tried to resolve the matter with the practitioner, i.e. through direct contact, using mediation (or other service) If no attempt has been made to resolve the matter, give an explanation as to why this has not been possible. Copies of any correspondence relating to this matter should be attached to your complaint. 

8e.. Provide exact details of events that are the subject matter of the complaint, including times, names and details of witness, dates and places supported by as much evidence as possible, list what outcome you are seeking. It is useful to open with a summary of the situation before going into the exact details of your complaint. The complaint should be signed and dated.

8f.. A copy of the submitted complaint will be sent to all parties concerned. This complaint will then be discussed with all parties concerned to explore ways for resolution.

8g. At all times the Woolger DMP Council will make an effort to be balanced in the exploration of complaints. Some of the outcomes may be:- Take no action, Writing an apology, Proper explanation, Warning, Impose conditions, Suspend the membership for a period, Exclusion.