What is DMP ?

Deep Memory Process DMP®

DMP combines the influences of Jungian active imagination, bodywork from William Reich, Moreno’s psychodrama with shamanic/spirit journeying and integration between lifetimes derived from the Buddhist bardo wisdom of The Tibetan Book of the Dead. Which teach about death and transition through various bardo’s or intermediary states.Including the concepts of the subtle bodies of yogic traditions. DMP takes regression therapy out the narrow confines of hypnotherapy and talk therapy by giving it embodiment and lived experience through psychodrama and bodywork. All levels are worked with the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual simultaneously.

Individuals are conscious though out the session as DMP does not use hypnosis.`DMP is a therapeutic process so it is not necessary for you to ‘believe’ in any of the influences listed. Just to have an open mind to work with the processin exploring issues that are causing you difficulties. If you do not accept the concept of past lives, spirits etc then look at the DMP process as a frame work for a ‘story’ to be acted out, so that your unconscious mind can express it self freely without the limiting effects of the conscious personality and mind.

Deep Memory Process DMP regression therapy is a therapeutic method to explore life’s issues and difficulties that are negativity effecting your life today. These influences may come from your current childhood and adulthood or any of the following soul wounds

  • Spiritual realm – Choices the spirit makes between lives
  • Womb and birth – the vibrational influences from the mother environment and others
  • Generational or Ancestor residues
  • Past lives
  • Karmic Residues
  • Other people’s projections from friends, family, work colleagues etc
  • Spirit attachments (influences that do not belong to you)

DMP focuses on identifying the causes of the negative influences then works on transforming these, releasing any thoughts, emotions, physical residues including healing and integration. Including working with traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

Presenting issues

clients come for many different reasons including the following:- difficult relationships, situations at work, dynamics within the family, lack of motivation/purpose, repeating patterns, effects from abuse/violence, accidents, illness, loss, betrayal, self- esteem, anxiety, shock, anger, rage, dissociation, sense of not belonging, loneliness, fear, phobias etc.
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