Heal Your Soul Wounds from Past Lives Feb 17 & 18 Warwickshire UK

An experiential weekend to delve within your inner self, identify the roots of your Soul Wounds and work on transforming them using Deep Memory Process DMP techniques.

With Juanita Puddifoot professional transpersonal counsellor

Feb 16 Friday from 4 pm until Sunday 18 finish 5pm

Venue Purley Chase Centre, Purley Chase Lane, Mancetter, Atherstone, CV9 2RQ


We will explore the residues from Past Lives, identify the hidden complexes, explore the residues from Past Lives that are the core energy creating your issues that are limiting your life and explore ways to transform these.

Past Life Soul wounds can influence your life in various ways such as :

Poverty past life residues recreates a theme of lack and financial issues
Famine past life residues can manifest as a eating difficulties
Guilt from a past life can create a lack of flow in your life today, feeling undeserving
Betrayal issues from a past life can play out as not trusting life or anyone today
Grief and loss past life residues can effect relationships negatively
Trapped past life residues can create feelings of panic, frustration
Attacked in a past life can leave a deep inner sense of fear
War deaths past life residues can bring repeated health issues
Slave past life residues play out as sense of being trapped in life, work etc
Cursed past life residues can bring a sense of continuous negativity
Abandonment issue from past life residues can feel like everyone will leave
Patterns from past lives tend to repeat as the energy is stuck and unresolved. The soul from life time to life time. We can then help bring healing and transform these negative residues that are effecting your life today. We will be using aspects of Deep Memory Process such as of giving the body a voice, and other methods to work with and bring change.
This a experiential 2 ½ days of group work, space for sharing and delving into the issues to reveal insights, tears, laughter and change. No previous experience necessary just an open mind and willingness to share deep insights.

To book a place and for further information please contact Juanita Puddifoot:- tel 01234 350313 email Juanitac@btopenworld.com

Cost for tuition  £120  with a deposit to secure place of £75 and remainder of £45 paid on weekend. Or Early bird price available of £100 if paid in full before Feb 1st ) places limited (accommodation is extra, see below)

Venue is: Purley Chase Centre, Purley Chase Lane, Mancetter, Atherstone, CV9 2RQ www.purleychasecentre.org.uk Telephone: 01827 712370

To book the accommodation and food preferences please complete the form on the website http://www.purleychasecentre.org.uk/booking-form/ Cost accommodation for 2 days plus all meals, Single en-suite £118 and Shared facilities £ 98

Times: Arrival from 4 pm on friday evefning and start (depending on participants arrival times) approx 5pm meeting supper at approx. 6.30 pm and continue meeting afterwards till about 9 pm.

saturday 9.30 am till approx. 6.30 pm supper and meeting afterwards approx. 8 to 9 pm

Sunday 9.30 am till 5pm finish

Clothing – bring loose wearing, trousers. Layered as we work on mattresses and movement can be involved.

For venue building bring slippers or indoor shoes. Bring out door clothing as we will be collecting items from nature. There are also plenty of walks bring wellies as it does get muddy and rains.

How to get to venue:

TRAIN – to search Uk tains http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search

The nearest main line railway station is at Nuneaton, about 10 kilometres away. Nuneaton is on the main line between London and Lancashire, and there is a nearer station called Atherstone about 2 miles away from centre. You would need to arrange a taxi as there are none at the station, a taxi from Atherstone railway station.

Local Taxi companies are:

AAA Taxis: 01827 713637

A.R.L Cars: 01942 888111

Atherstone Taxis: 01827 712427

Travelling – see website http://www.purleychasecentre.org.uk/directions/

Airport – the nearest airport is Birmingham then a train journey about 20 mins to Nuneaton and then a taxi for about 10 miles.

Car – see venue website for directions

Cancellation policy: If the course is cancelled by Juanita then all monies will be returned. Otherwise if the course is confirmed then due to commitments no refunds are possible after booking and paying. We recommend individuals take out Insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.