Mystical Body, Man of Light: The Lost Secret of the Cosmic Christ by Roger Woolger PhD.


Roger Woolger PhD. in a live recording of a lecture given at Canonbury Institute London in 2007.

What sets Christianity apart from most other religions is the Mystery of the Incarnation:  that Jesus was both Man and God, and that His Being, as Corpus Christi, rules the whole universe.  Behind Saint John`s teaching that “the Word was made flesh” is the cosmic Logos of the Jewish mystic Philo and with it a dazzling array of images of Anthropos or Adam Kadmon, the androgynous Universal or Comic Man.

In this lost teaching the symbol of the Cross is revealed to be more than a sacrificial reference, but holds the secret of the transcendent intersection that unites heaven and earth, spirit and nature, body and soul. Then around the cosmic cross is entwined the cosmic Serpent of “great creating Nature” who governs every great world cycle as Aeon, cosmic time.

The Man of Light, as later Sufis called Him, pervades the universe and every created thing in a human yet spiritual form. His image is to be found in the Orphic and Mithraic Mysteries, among early gnostic Christians, in Ancient Egyptian teaching, Platonism, neo-Platonism and in India. He re-emerges in Persian Sufism, in the ninth century Irish mystic John Scotus Erigena, and later in Boehme, Swedenborg and Blake. In his radical reappraisal of psychoanalysis, Life Against Death, Norman O. Brown calls this teaching a “Dionysian mysticism” of the Divine Body, much needed to counterbalance our culture’s preferred “Apollonian mysticism” of flight from the body into empty abstractions and ungrounded spirituality.

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